The deadliest Pandemic which we are facing today might be a haunted experience for all of us.  Who would have thought this Pandemic will completely change the course of our lives. Moreover, the complete lockdown state all across the globe is making things worst than the Covid-19 itself. However, this may be new for us, but the mother earth already experienced many such pandemics and deadliest viruses which lead to worldwide destruction physically as well as economically.

Loss of lives occurring due to the deadliest viruses and diseases might be one irreplaceable loss, but that’s not all. These Pandemics bring an infinite number of crises with them which is none less than the pandemic itself.

Pandemic hit people physically but it also destroys the world’s economy within a few days. As all markets are connected and interlinked internationally with the world market so virtual lockdown occurred as a result of Pandemic will ripple the economy globally.  Flight operations all across the globe slow down or stop completely, major industries stop working, restaurants, shops, institutions, business shuts down. In short, there remains no means of generating revenues be it from a tourism point of view or other ways. This means financial and economical crises take place which leads to long-term damage.

Here’s a list of 10 most deadly diseases that take place in history before Covid-19 which causes severe destruction on earth.

10. Black Death (1346-1353)

The first global pandemic in human history was the infamous Black Death; the bubonic plague was spread by infected fleas that live on the back of the rats. The rats stow away on ships and live within proximity to humans so when the ships carry the rats to new cities the disease inevitably follows. The rats eventually die and the fleas that carry the disease search for new hosts and transmitted to humans. It is believed that the disease originated from Asia and traveled through black rats across the world. This was the first time the world experienced quarantine. Around 75-200 million people lost their lives due to this deadly disease.

9. Small Pox (1870-1874)

A febrile, severe, and infectious disease neither specified by age nor gender, showing up large fluid-filled pustules on the face and all over the body. During the 20th century, there were outbreaks triggered by people returning from Voyages. The passengers caught with smallpox went back to their countries contracting the disease to other people. It is said to be caught by the Variola virus. Around 20-25 million people lost their lives due to this deadliest disease. Smallpox was the very first virus in human history which was eradicated by a vaccine. Until 1980, WHO announced that small Pox is completely eradicated from the face of the earth.

8. Spanish Flu (1918-1920)

Caused by H1N1 type virus affecting humans, the Spanish Flu was one of the deadliest viruses during World War I. Although the origin of the virus is still unknown, it is believed to be from poultry and pigs.  Around 500 million people were affected by this virus and 50 million people said to lose their lives worldwide. As there was no vaccine at that time and people were given treatment for just fever and cold. So quarantine was imposed as a result of this pandemic. All public places were shut down to avoid the spread of this virus.

7. HIV- Aids (1981- to date)

One of the scariest diseases common in the world is HIV- Aids.  HIV is the virus and being HIV- positive means the patient has the virus in the body. AIDS surprisingly doesn’t kill people itself; instead, it enters the body through sexual fluids or blood and attacks helper t-cells that weaken the patient’s immune system. AIDS was first identified in the Republic of Congo in 1976. About 35 million people died due to AIDS or related illnesses. Until now there is no curable medicine or vaccine found yet.

6. The Plague of Justinian (541-542 AD)

During the Justinian emperor, a severe plague took place in Europe. It was considered one of the deadliest pandemics as it killed half of Europe’s population at that time. It was said to be originated from China, and northeast India as the major cause of this outbreak was sailors visiting Asia carrying fleas that lie on the rats. It killed around 25 million people because no vaccine or medicine was found and only those who had strong immunity against it survived.

5. Cholera Pandemic (1817-1911)

Cholera pandemic occurred in phases. First cholera outbreaks were the deadliest in 1817 in Japan killing several people,  then it spread worldwide causing destruction specifically in the Bengal region in 1852. As the British used Calcutta as a port to visit East India so the virus was transmitted to the other continents. Around 1 million people died as a result of the Cholera Pandemic. Although medicines are found to prevent this virus people still contract this virus to date. Rehydration, IV fluids, and antibiotics were given to patients to cure this disease.

Global task force on Cholera Control has created roadmap activities to completely eradicate Cholera from the world by 2030.

4. Asian flu 1957-1958

During 1957-1958 Asian flu caused by H2N2 subtype, a virus which is a combination of avian influenza from geese and human influenza virus. As the name suggests it started from Asia but spread rapidly to other parts of the world like Yunnan, USA, Hong Kong, England, and the list goes on.  The number of deaths recorded as a result of this virus was over 1 million. People were advised to avoid contact with infected animals and birds. Later, vaccines were created to cure this virus.

3. Antonine Plague (165-180AD)

During the rule of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, the plague of Gallon commonly known as the Antonine Plague outbreaks which last for many years and leads to the fall of the Roman Empire in Europe.  Although, nobody has ever come across the real cause of this plague, yet Romans marched against Parthian towards the east was considered as a leading factor of plague. Most of the soldiers were unaware of it and the total number of death toll rises above 5 million. After the death of Marcus Aurelius, the virus started to disappear but it again started in 270 AD.

2. Swine Flu (2009)

Before Covid-19, the world was horrified with Sine flu spreading rapidly all across the globe. Scientists identified a new strain of flu that had the potential to become a pandemic. The strain was carried out by pigs and was found in Mexico. Most of the people infected by swine flu were children and young adults. Around 2 million people lost their lives in this severe swine flu worldwide.

2. Ebola Virus (2013-2016)

Ebola virus outbreaks were one of the recent pandemics, the earth experienced. It erupted in West Africa between 2013 to 2016. It started in Guinea in December 2013 and spread over other African countries rapidly. By 2016, Ebola was considered the deadliest epidemic in history in terms of infected people. The virus transmitted through blood, and other bodily fluids.

This conclude our list. What we are experiencing right now is not for the first time and it wont be the last but this is enough for a lifetime right? Find the article interesting? Share it with a friend. Stay safe, WASH YOUR HANDS, and be happy guys. Got anything in your mind? comment down bellow.  For more articles like this subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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