A Dog is man’s Best friend. That’s true. Dogs are one of the most loyal animals on planet. They are so attached and devoted to their care taker that they can even sacrifice their own life for their owner. Dogs are arguably the only animal that is taken as pet around the world, even in most remote areas like Antarctic and Sahara, where you will never see a cat chasing a laser. The reason behind that is their supreme genetic diversity that allows them to exist in every type of climatic condition.
We all love our puppies and want to provide every best thing to them. But what if you have a dog that is so expensive and its average is expenses are so high that you have to spend a big Chunk of your monthly salary just to pay their expenses. In our today’s list, we will introduce you to Top 10 most expensive breeds of dogs to own, around the world. We will be using different resources and average sale prices in recent past to consider each entry. That being said the price and cost are time and region depended, but we will try to be as accurate as it gets using the research data of our team and other resources at our disposal.
So, let’s start with the top 10 most expensive dogs breeds around the world.

10. French Bull Dog

Price $3500-$4000

This small breed is also known as “café-latte companion”. Their origin is from France and England and in 2019 they were listed as number 4th most popular breed of dogs. They belong to non-sporting and companion group but they are very joyful and playful in nature. They have mainly 2 weight classes one from 9-10kg and second 10-13 kg, above that is considered as disqualification. With an average life span of 10-12 years these dogs might be your best companions.

9. Afghan Hound

Price $3500-$4500

This breed originating from mountains of Afghanistan is also referred as one of the most beautiful breeds of the dog. With their long fur coat, they can be very attractive. Though their fur coat can easily tangle with a anything, which is the reason why they need daily brushing. In 2019 they were listed as 111th most popular breed in the world. They are also known as Baluchi Hound. Their average height is 69-74 cm with average weight of about 22-34kgs. They have an average life span of 12-14 year but they have very poor health which can sum up to tons of expenses in medical care.

8. German Shepherd

Price $6500

Originally hailing from Germany, this watch dog has been listed as 2nd most popular breed in 2019. Also known as Alsatian and Deutscher Schäferhund this dog has been doing the job of protecting sheep flocks from ancient times. They are super intelligent with fast learning abilities and can be taught different tricks at any age. Due to their agile nature and intelligence, they are best suited for law enforcing agencies. They have large size and can grow a height of 60-65 cm with an average weight of 30-35 kgs. They have an average life span of 10-13 years and they are also one of the few entries on our list of top 10 most expensive dogs that are pure breed.

7. Tibetan Mastiff

Price $2000-$7000

7th on our list of top 10 most expensive dogs in the world are these massive rare breed dogs, hailing from Tibit mountain region in China. They love Big open spaces and keeping them confined is just synonyms to killing them. In 2019 they were ranked 128th in most popular breed in the world. They have a giant size and can grow as much to have a weight of 100 kgs with an average height of 65-70cm. They are also one of the pure breeds in our list. They have an average life span of 10-14 years. This breeds also hold the record of selling the most expensive dog in the history, details of which are given at the end of the list.

6. Dogo Argentino

Price $7000

They can be the most furious of creatures if not tamed properly and yet still they are one of the most attached pets. They can make physical contacts as snuggling etc. Due to their strong physique they are regarded as Working and Guardian class. They are protective, tolerant and social. They have only one color that is white. They are also pure breed with an average life span of 10-12 years. They can grow up to 40kgs with an average height of 65cm. They were first breed in 1928 and have an origin from of course as name states Argentina.

5. Rottweiler

Price $2000-$8000

Another on hailing from Germany on our list of top 10 most expensive Dogs in the world. They are also referred as Rottie and Rott. They belong to working and Guardian class while on size basis, they are classified as larger and Giant dogs. They are also used as working breed for police and military due to their acute senses. Historically they were first used as herding dogs and then working dogs when they were referred as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” which means Rottweiler Butcher. The name refers to their use as working dogs in pulling the butchered meat to market. They have an average life span of 8-11 years with 50kgs as average size. They can have a height of 65 cm.

4. Löwchen

Price $5000-$8000

Also known as “Little Lion Dog”, Löwchen are the rarest breed on our todays list of top 10 most expensive dogs in the world. They have originated form Germany and France and were famous in European countries for 500 years. In 2019, they were ranked as 159th most popular breed in the world. As of 1972, there were only 65 left in the whole world. Now there are almost 300 registered around the globe. They surprising health record shows that they won’t take much share of your pocket in medical bills. They are also among one of the few breeds that are Hypoallergenic. They have an average life span of 12-15 years and can have a height of 30 cm and weight of 8 kg.

3. Olde English Bull Dog

Price $2500-$9000

They might not be one of the cutest specie but they sure are joyful and extremely friendly with kids. They are originally from USA and have an average life span of 11-13 years. They can be 50 cm long in height and can have body weight of 30 kgs. They also have a long list of genetic health problems which play key role in their less demand. They are alert, confident and loving dogs.

2. Chow Chow

Price $3000-$9000

This entry which gets the 2nd spot on our list of Top 10 most expensive dogs around the world have a very unique quality that is its blue-black tongue. They originated from China and are classified as medium breed on basis of size. They have a life span of 13-15 years and an average weight of 30kgs. They can attain a height of 60cm. They are classified as non-sporting and Northern Breeds. They are also called as Songshi Quan or Puffy Lion Dog. They are dated back to 300BC.

1. Samoyed

Price $4000-$11000

Hailing from Russia and topping the list of out top 10 most expensive Dogs in the world are these absolute beauties. They are rightly called as a ball of fluff and fun.
They are terrible guard dogs as they are too friendly but are the best family dogs. In 2019 they were ranked as 58th most popular breed in the world. They are classified as Working and Northern Breeds. They are also called as Samoyedskaya, Bjelkier. They can gain a height of 60 cm and a weight of 20 kgs. They were also used as herd dogs for rein deer. They silk is so soft that it is used for knitting. They are prone to lots of medical expenses including cardiac disorders that can cost you an additional fortune.

Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold

Price $2M

The above list states the average price of many breeds which is relative to region and time but the title of most Expensive dog ever sold goes to a Tibetan Mastiff. In 2013 the world record was made when a red-haired Tibetan Mastiff was sold for a massive 2M $ in China. It is the most expensive Dog ever sold and still hold the record after almost 8 years of sale.

With this we conclude our list of top 10 most expensive dogs in the world. Hope you liked this article. Tell us what pup you want to buy on the comment section. Let’s meet up in the next most expensive article.  As always guys sharing is caring 🙂

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