To own a home sweet home is the dream of almost every individual around the world. A home is place where you feel safe, you have family, where you can sit back and relax without any worries or fears. But sometimes people take it One Big Moon Step ahead. The following list will show you the most expensive houses around the world that can cost a good fortune. They are owned by people with very deep pockets and have every luxury, present on earth, in them.
These houses are a mosaic of art and architecture with a blend of technology in a few of them. Their uniqueness make them so expensive yet have enough attraction for buyers to won pay a hefty amount for them. After going through this list, I can assure you, you will love to spend a few days in them, they can be rightly called as the Replicas of Heaven on Earth.

10. Gateways Canyons - Gateway, Colorado, United States of America

Estimated Worth $279M

With a massive spread of 8700 acres, this amazing resort and spa is dream house of John Hendrick, Discovery Channels founder. It located in Gateway, a town in Colorado, 180 miles west of Aspen. The main house in the property covers the massive area of 22,000 sq feet which John refers as ‘West Creek Ranch Residence’. This property houses 72 full service rooms and many spas. It also includes a car museum which has 55 classic cars from Hendrick’s own collection.
It also features grass air strip, plane hangars and two helipads. The Hendrick and his wife is looking for a seller but yet there’s no news of any potential buyer.

If you want to spend a night here and can afford or want to read more about it, click here & here

9. The Oden Tower Penthouse - Saint Roman, Monaco

Estimated Worth $330M

Located right in between the most expensive residences in the world, this glorious tower yet outshines other. Covering an area of 35,000 sq ft the spreads on 49 floors. It was designed by Alexandre Giraldi and developed by Group Marzocco. Lucky owners of this magnificent beauty are SCI, Odens. The penthouse even features its own private elevator. But yet the most fascinating part is it’s 360° view infinity pool which is a spectacular to be seen and enjoyed.

If you want read more about it follow the link here & here

8. Les Palais Bulles - Cannes, France

Estimated Worth $390M

The term “Bubble Palace” or “Les Palais Bulles” comes from its unique symmetry of pink and clay colored bubbles looking over Mediterranean Sea. It was built by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, around 1975-1989. Pierre Cardin, a French Fashion icon currently owns this mansion, bought it in 1992. He uses it mostly for his vacations and throwing jaw dropping parties as done by Dior and many other. This villa has a total interior of 13,000 sq ft. It features 26 barnacle-like pods,10 bed rooms, 500 seat amphitheater, three main swimming pools and several garden. It’s looks might resemble the earliest mankind’s dwelling but the luxuries available have no match even in many modern lavish five-star hotels. Certainly, a perfect spot to spend a relaxing summer.

If you want to know more about it click the link below here

7. 24 Middle Gap Road Home - Hong Kong

Estimated worth $447M

Built on arguably most expensive piece of land on earth, Victoria Peak, this four bed-room magnificent mansion is waiting for its buyer. It has an area of 5,700 sq ft. It might seem that 447M $ are insane for such mansion but that’s not true. The land on which it is situated is so expensive that a recent sale of an empty plot was made for staggering 657M $. The mansion is currently owned by Chuang’s Consortium International Ltd, and now has been put up for sale by Christie’s International Real Estate. The unique thing about this entry on our list of 10 most expensive mansion is that it has only 4 bed rooms, 5 washrooms, one garage which can accommodate 2 cars at a time. The main reason behind such a high cost is its land value. It was first built in 1991.

If you have staggering money in your house and ever want to buy this or read more about it, feel free to contact their agent from link mentioned here

6. Witanhurst Will - London, England

Estimated Worth $450M

Located in Highgate, London, this absolute class of a land mark is the second largest and most expensive mansion in London, beaten by only Buckingham Palace itself. Spread on a total area of 5 acre, this palace of a house was built in 1913 and opened in 1920. The original house had 25 bed rooms but then in 2008 it was bought a publicity-shy Russian Family who added another three-story Villa and dug out a massive basement of 40,000 sq ft. The New Yorker in their story on this classy landmark referred to newly dug basement as “amounts to an underground village”. The New Owner Andy Guryev, bought it through a company based in British Tax Heaven, Virgin Islands, Safran Holdings. Due to The Russian’s publicity-shy personality not much is revealed about the mansion.

If you want to read more about it follow the link here & here

5. Villa Les Cedres - Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

Estimated Worth $450M

5th in our list of top 10 most expensive mansions in the world in this 1830s build Villa from France. In 1904 it was taken by the King of Belgium, Leopold II. It was considered as the most expensive property when it went up for sale in 2017. The name came from abundance of cedar tress in its 35 acres of gardens. Even the house alone covers a spread of 18,000 sq ft, which features 14 bed-rooms, Olympic-sized swimming pool and a stable large enough to house 30 horses at a time. The House is filled with 19th century Oil paintings, crystal chandeliers and library big enough to hold 3,000 books.

Read more about it here

4. The One - Bel Air, California, United States of America

Estimated Worth $500M

Still the finishing is going on but this soon-to-be-available, an astounding 500M $ mansion will be the most expensive and largest mansion in USA. Brain Child of American movie-producer-turned-mansion-developer Nile Niaomi, in collaboration with famous architect, Paul McClean. The property covers a massive area of 5 acres on top of Bel Air. The house alone covers the area of 100,000 sq ft featuring a massive master suit of 5,500 sq ft, 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a 30 ca-auto-gallery, 360° uninterrupted view, six-lane bowling alley, 36-seat movie theater and of course, the necessity for anyone who can afford this half a billion-dollar mansion, a nightclub.

If you want to read more about it follow the link here

3. Villa La Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Estimated Worth $750M

This massive 50 acre property owned by Lily Safra, Brazilian Philanthropist who’s widow of Lebanese Banker William Safra. William Safra died when another house, also belonged to couple, was burned down. This massive mansion gets third spot on our list of most expensive houses in the world. The 29,000 sq ft main house is a sight to be seen. It also features 18 acres of massive gardens enough to keep their 50 gardeners busy all the time. The house is named after its former owner King Leopolda of France, who acquired the property in 1890s. It also served as a military hospital in First World War and been house to shooting of many blockbuster movies most noticeable “The Red Shoes” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief”. It was redesigned in 1920 by American architect, Ogden Codmen Jr. It also house 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, helipad, outdoor kitchen, and one of the nicest swimming pools in the world.

If you want to read more about it follow the link here & here

2. Antilia Tower - Mumbai, India

Estimated Worth $2B

With this entry in our list of top 10 most expensive houses in the world, we enter the exclusive Billion list. When India’s richest man, the owner of reliance group of companies, Mukesh Ambani wanted to make a statement, he made the most expensive private property on earth. Named apparently after a mythical island in Atlantic Ocean, the spectacular mansion covers an area of 400,000 sq ft. It was designed and constructed by Chicago Based firm Perkins & Wills, and hospitality design by, Hirch Bender Associates. It has 27 stories, at a total height of 568 ft and was build strong enough to withstand earthquake of 8 magnitude on rector scale. Six floors are devoted to only car storage along with one service station. Other than that, it features a temple, 50 seats theater, 3 helipads, 9 elevators, a spa, a gym and a health center. The Times magazine in their story criticized it as “a Blade Runner-meets-Babylon edifice”. It requires a staff of 600 people to keep the things running smoothly.

If you want to read more about it follow the link here

1. Buckingham Palace - London, England

Estimated Worth $5B

Topping our list of top 10 most expensive mansions in the world is no other than The Buckingham Palace, London. It was built in 1703 and then in 1761 it was taken in private ownership by King George III, it has been the official residence of the British Royal Family since 1837. It covers a total area or 40 acres. The Palace features 775 rooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices and 19 staterooms, Cavalry Museum and a magnificent garden with a lake.  The Changing of Guards, the Queen’s Room and Throne room are the main attraction. It also houses a music room. In 1982, a man named Michael Fagan broke into the palace and made his way to Queen Elizabeth II very own bedroom. It is highly unlikely for this palace to ever come up for sale but if that happens, that might be the biggest property sale ever made and imagine the commission for that.
if you want to read more about it follow the link here & here

With this we conclude out list. What do you think about these? comment down bellow. As always guys sharing is caring.  Don’t Forget to check out our other lists of World’s most expensive.

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