If you also think that shoes are just for protection and ease in everyday life, which can be achieved by a 2$ pair. You might have a point but millions of fashion craze will totally disagree with you. If you don’t believe me, the following list will prove my point. In this list of most expensive shoes around the world there are few contenders that cost so much that in same price you can buy a few luxury cars. In fact, all the shoes in this list cost more than whole life earning of 80% people around the world.
In the following list we have added those foot wears which are currently labeled as most expensive shoes in the world. All of them are elegantly designed with much care and dedication. The stuff used in their making are rarest stones and metals available on earth. All this added to diligence and commitment of designers make them ridiculous yet justifiable high-priced. So, get ready to dive deep into the incredible and exquisite world of fashion and have a look at the most expensive shoes around the world in 2020.

10. Retro Rose Pump - By Stuart Weitzman $1M

The first one to make in the Top 10 list of most expensive shoes in world are these fabulous and trendy pair of Retro Rose Pump designed and introduced by Stuart Weitzman. In fact, most of the entries in this list are from Stuart Weitzman, as they are famous for introducing luxurious yet classy designs in their signature style.
This million Dollar shoe is embedded with 100 carrot worth of 1800 Kuwait diamonds in form of an elegant rose. 400 more diamonds are studded in the shoes throughout.

This million-dollar shoes have a drama story too embedded in their introduction. When Stuart Weitzman asked Diablo Cody, who was nominated for Oscar in 2008, to wear this deluxe pair for red carpet, she refused by calling it “a cheesy publicity stunt”

9. Platinum Guild Stiletto - By Stuart Weitzman $1.09M

Crafted with care and love, the next pair to qualify for our 10 most expensive shoes also comes from Stuart Weitzman. Platinum fiber is used in making of this absolute class and it comes with 464 sparkling Kuwait diamonds embedded in them. They were first introduced in 2002, where another absolute beauty, Laura Harring, shine on red carpet wearing these. This pair actually is a perfect combination of luxury and functionality as the diamond studded strap can easily come off and you can wear it as a necklace.

8. Ruby Stilettos - By Stuart Weitzman $1.6M

“Wizard of Oz” surely was as enchanting as the name sounds, because that not only inspired the audience but the fashion icons alike. Maybe that was the reason why after Henry Winston’s, Stuart Weitzman introduced another updated version of Ruby Stilettos with 123 karat, 643 Burma rubies embedded in the rarest metal on earth, platinum. The stunning pair was first introduced at Harrods in London, back in 2003.

7. Tom Ford’s Custom - By Jason Arasheben $2M

You might be able to recognize this pair on our list of 10 most expensive shoes, if you are a fan the iconic show “America Got Talent”. Famous Tv Host Nick Cannon commissioned the well- known L.A based jeweler Jason Arasheben of Beverly Hills, to make a statement in final season of the show, and he surpassed every one’s expectation by wearing this elegant pair. Embedded in white gold, 14,000 full cut round diamonds, weighing a total of more than 340 carrots. It was reported that, the making of pair took more than 2,000 hours of labor which can be justified by this sumptuous pair.

6. Cinderella Slippers - By Stuart Weitzman $2M

Another pair in our list of 10 most expensive shoes by none other than Stuart Weitzman. The pair inspired by famous character; Cinderella, did justice to the name given as it seems like it’s taken right-off of a fairy tale. This pair features 565 Kuwaiti diamonds in platinum pool and the remainder used is pure Italian leather. If that’s not enough the pair also hosts a 5-carat amaretto diamond on right shoes which alone is worth at 1M $. They were worn by country singer, Alison Krauss in 2004 Oscar, leaving every one gawk at the sparkling beauty.

5. Tanzinite Heels - By Stuart Weitzman & Eddie le Vian $2M

What happens when a high-end luxury shoe maker collaborates with one of most prestigious jewelers? This entry on our list of Tanzanite Heels, is the answer to this question. Designed by Stuart Weitzman in collaboration with Eddie le Vian, this eye-catching pair is definitely a sight to behold. The elegant silver strap featuring 185 carats of tanzanite gemstones and a 28 carat Tanzanite. Adding to that 4.5 inches heel houses 595 carats of Kuwait diamonds set in platinum.

4. Rita Hayworth Heels - BY Stuart Weitzman $3M

Inspired by legendary Hollywood’s Darling, Rita Hayworth’s earnings, this pair is most expensive pair ever designed by American based designer Stuart Weitzman. This absolute beauty is much different than Weitzman’s other designs which shows the diversity of talent in this shoe maker. The pair featuring many different types of stones including diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The material used in the making is stain ruffle, famous for it’s use in expensive footwear. The Stain flower is an absolute beauty.
This sad part is this sophisticated blend of beauty and class is not for sale. It belongs to Hayworth’s Daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

3. Ruby Slippers - By Harry Winston $3.01M

The Sorcery of “Wizard of Oz” strikes again. This time on Ron Winston, Son of famous jewelry designer, Harry Winston. He decided to do something extravagant for the 50th anniversary celebration of Hollywood classic. He did so by replicating ruby slippers worn by young Dorthey in the movie. Only this time instead of red sequins, which were used in making of original slippers, this pair is studded with 4,600 rubies weighing around 1350 carats. It also houses 50 carats of diamonds. Even the making of this pair took more than 2 months. With this much adornment, this over-the-top pair definitely deserves a spot in our 10 most expensive shoes list.

2. High Heels - By Debbie Wingham $15.1M

Who don’t know the famous British based fashion icon Debbie Wingham? She’s famous for her most expensive collections and this pair in our list of 10 most expensive shoes in the world is also included in that collection. The pair was designed by Debbie Wingham in collaboration with famous artist Chris Campbell. Debbie was commissioned by a family in Dubai to design this over-the-top pair as a birthday present for someone. Seems like some one had a hell of surprise opening their birthday present…  The pair features some of the rarest and most expensive gemstones including, pink, blue and white diamonds. It also houses 1,000 pointer diamonds as well. If that’s not enough the thread used is also made of 18 carat gold. The remainder of the shoe is made with leather and 24 carat gold.
Debbie Wingham’s most expensive collection also includes a 15.4M $ worth of dress and her baking company, Couture to Cakes, made a whooping 64M $ worth of a diamond studded cake for a private client.

1. Passion Diamond Shoes - By Jada Dubai & Passion Jewelers $17M

Jada Dubai collaborated with Passion Jewelers and crafted out, currently known as most expensive shoes in the world. The Passion Diamond Shoes are undoubted winners of our 10 most expensive shoes in the world. The pair is a stiletto heel pumps made in standard 36 EU size but are to made in the size requested by the lucky buyer. The pair houses 235 D grade diamonds along with two 15-carat flawless diamonds near the toe. Other than that, the stuff of this ridiculously-high-priced pair includes gold and silk. It took 9 months in making of this absolute master piece. They were unveiled in 2018 in Dubai’s seven-star hotel, Burj Al-Arab.

These were some of the most expensive footwears in the world but it won’t be fair to conclude our list of most expensive shoes in the world without adding some honorary mentions to the list.
Following 2 are not included in our list of most expensive shoes but their price tag will surely make you speechless.

Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan $0.56M

Michael Jordan’s game worn and signed Nike’s Air Jordans were sold at a whooping 560,000$ in an auction, making them the most expensive sneakers ever sold. The auction coincided with the last episode of ESPN’s tributary documentary on Jordan “The Last Dance”. The name of the lucky buyer was not disclosed but the pair hold a special price for its association with the living legend Michael Jordan.

Shoes Thrown at President Bush $10M

This pair you might not ever see at a fancy shoe shop but the price at which they were auctioned earned them a spot in our honorary mentions for the list of most expensive shoes in the world. On 14 December,2008, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist threw a pair of shoes at that time’s sitting president George W. Bush in a press conference. The shoes were eventually bought in an auction at a whooping price of $10M.

With this we conclude out list. What would you buy if you had a chance? comment down bellow. As always guys sharing is caring.  Don’t Forget to check out our other lists of World’s most expensive.

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