Traveling is a therapy in real, from your usual and tiring routine. It’s an escape and a break from your tiresome lives. Moreover, if you want to know about or learn about a certain culture, traveling is a must.

But ever wondered why people travel to the most expensive spots? Well for peace of mind, Right!

To explore the world, maybe!

How about the people who save their life savings to spend the quality time of their lives touring the most expensive places in the world?

Everything is possible. Well here’s the list of 10 most expensive traveling destinations in the world

10. Nassau- Bahamas

The Bahamas might be cheaper than some of the luxurious traveling destinations on your bucket list but it is by no means a wallet-friendly destination.

The Bahamas is the hottest spot for tourists with cash to burn.  Throughout the year Nassau continued to grow as a tourism hub which is an integral part of the Bahamas economy with wealthy luxurious resorts like Grand Hayat Baha Mar, Sandals Royal, and the Reef of Atlantis. Having some of the best beaches in the world, the Bahamas is enriched with cultural and natural landscapes. The islands filled to the brim with attractions are none less than Paradise. Moreover, the Bahamas offers you the islands that are known for a multitude of activities such as scuba diving and exploring the marine life, swimming with the dolphins, tanning by the crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, boat tours to witness the scenic views and much more.

Natural landscapes aside, Bahamas offers you to visit its historic architectures such as the queen’s staircase, Pirates of Nassau Museum, Watling’s Distillery, and much more.

The Bahamas is listed as the 6th most expensive place to live or stay at.

9. Hamilton, Bermuda

Either you can have quality time in a popular island vacation spot, or you may look for a cheaper destination spot to enjoy your vacations. Bermuda might be one of the most expensive tourist spots, but you will have the time of your life here. Hamilton despite being one of the smallest capital cities in the world, and lacks in population but it is more in making economic wealth. Hamilton is known to be the magnet for the wealthy due to its minuscule income tax. There isn’t a billionaire in the world who wouldn’t want to purchase real estate with the view of the beach.

Back in 2017, Hamilton was ranked 1st having the highest living cost while buying property here isn’t in the cards for everyone. Front Street, the Crystal Caves, st. George’s island Forts makes Hamilton one of the most appealing traveling destinations in the world.

8. Dubai, UAE

The most affluent city in the United Arab Emirates, the hub of Sheikhs and Oligarchs, Dubai is the land of rich with luxurious grand hotels is considered the most expensive traveling destinations in the world. It’s a popular destination for people living in Europe and one of the richest countries in the Middle East. An average hotel might cost $100 per night but a luxurious five-star hotel in Palm Jumeirah may cost you $1000 per night. The appealing features of Dubai are beach life, shopping malls which are more expensive as compare to all the malls around the globe.

The array of grand hotels will offer you a royal lifestyle with even underwater views with a Royal price tag.

7. Oslo- Norway

Across Scandinavia the average price of everything from food to living is the highest in the world; no wonder is synonymous with the expense. Scandinavia is a region of three kingdoms; Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. They might be different in many aspects but shared the same reputation as one of the most expensive places to live and visit. However, Norway ranks top in the most expensive destination among these three kingdoms. Oslo being small in size yet is among the most expensive cities in the world. No surprise, Norway is an oil-rich country, and tourists from all over the world visit Oslo due to its natural beauty. Saltwater runs deep in the veins of this sophisticated city. Oslo offers you fashionable cafes and luxurious hotels that are by no means wallet-friendly, yet it is known to be the hub for visitors all across the globe. When is Oslo, you can expect scenic views, stunning landscapes, a friendly environment but you might well be prepared for high prices whether you are planning to dine out, or staying up there.

6. Copenhagen – Denmark

You might know Denmark as the country doing a lot of good stuff in the world, yet it’s the most expensive to travel to. Copenhagen is the city people adore to travel to, so it’s better to have some genuine savings with you because being a part of the Scandinavian region will offer you all cool things with some exceptional landscapes and views but in the most expensive manner. An average hotel might cost you 100-200$ to stay for a night but the rates might rise to the sky as you opt to stay in a four or five-star hotel. There is a lot to do in Copenhagen, historic Tivoli gardens, having quality time around most calm and scenic views, yet it will cost you a bit more than your expectations.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Just like other Scandinavian regions, Stockholm won’t disappoint you in providing you with the costliest services. Stockholm is commonly called Beauty on water. And for having quality time on this beauty on the water, you must have some black cards with you because its expenses can be more than you ever expect. With over 100 museums, stunning stone architectures, inner-city parklands, and cool waterfronts, this city is worth visiting in every manner but you need to fill your pockets to the fullest while bearing its visit.

4. London, UK

There would be hardly a few people who won’t love to travel to London. London once ruled the world, although it might not anymore, yet it is considered as one of the most expensive cities to travel to around the globe. The city is filled with plenty of high budgets be it staying in a hotel for a single night, or a meal for a single time. Moreover, the hotels in the inner-city cost you far more than others. A trip up the London eye, visit tower bridge, Camden town, museums won’t come up at cheap rates either.

3. Paris- France

The only word that could define Paris is Romance. Around 28 million newlywed couples visit Paris to romanticize their fairytale. The city of love comes not just in your heartstrings but at your purse strings. From flight prices to food, from living in hotels to visiting some fabulous places, Paris is none less than other expensive destinations around the world.  The luxury rooms in the love capital start from 1000-10000$ per night. That’s not all, attractions other than the famous Eifel tower such as dinner ticket to famous Moulin Rouge, art-laden streets and many more can be more expensive than you think.

2. New York – United States

On a lighter note, there is a famous joke about New York is an apartment in Manhattan will cost you your soul. Though it’s a joke jokes and myths do have a strong relation with facts. Manhattan is the most expensive borough of New York City. Although Brooklyn is now giving it a hard time yet Manhattan is no less. The rates and fares of staying up in hotels are insanely high. There are a lot of things to do in the city but almost everything comes at a high cost. New York City attracts billionaires tourists like bees to honey. From shopping to food, air shows to sporting events, New York is a rich’s paradise.

1. Iceland

Iceland might be among the smallest countries in the world, yet it has magnificent landscapes and scenic views to offer to its visitors. Due to its stunning landscapes, Iceland is known to be the hub for tourists across the globe. However, this is the reason it is also among the most expensive tourist destinations across the globe. Specifically, its famous Blue Lagoon will cost a pretty penny to travel across the small country. Moreover staying up in the hotel for a night will cost you a big way. Dinning in the restaurants, or traveling across this small region will offer you your life experience but it may cost your life savings as well.

# Maldives

Many people aren’t able to get to the Maldives because of its expensiveness. The Maldives is not pretty accessible though, yet they are unparalleled in their beauty all across the globe. Ever wonder what paradise looks like?  If it was in the world, it would be the Maldives without a doubt. So paradise comes you with a cost, in fact at an insanely high cost and the Maldives is a perfect example of it. If you want to venture out for resort food, fun, or adventures on the beach,  you must have your pockets and cads full.

With this we conclude out list. Where would you go if you had the chance? comment down bellow. As always guys sharing is caring.  Don’t Forget to check out our other lists of World’s most expensive.

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