Growing up we all had that one uncle, who loves fishing and own a small boat. Every season we would line up and go fishing with him on that same old rusty boat. Best memories of childhood. Right ??
While some people are satisfied with that, there are others who do way more than just fishing. They prefer LIVING on that same boat or have weeks long picnics there. In our todays list of 10 most Expensive yachts around the world, we will introduce you to some of the most luxurious and opulent yachts where you can easily spend your whole life and yet have desire to stay more. The main thing that makes their million-dollar price tags justifiable is that they are totally exclusive unlike our uncles’ old rusty boat. The level of sophistication is just out of world regarding each and every detail of these amazing sea rulers.
So, let’s take a dive and meet some of the most beautiful yet classy rulers of water with an unbelievable price tag.

10. Serene $300M

The first one on our list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world is a beautiful 439 fit majestic Serene. It is more of a villa than a yacht to be honest. It was built for Russian billionaire Yuri Scheffler, by Fincantieri in 2011. It’s been housing some of the richest names in the world as guest, including Bill Gates. But renting this glories beauty never comes cheap. It’s been reported, it costs a million dollars for a week.

Finally, in 2015 it was purchased by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. This boat is big enough to house 24 guests along with 62 crew members at a time. Everyone will love to spend a week in a yacht which includes multiple swimming pools, a sub marine and two helipads. If you love underwater life, this might just be the dream boat for you because it also has a splendid under water viewing room.

9. Al Said $300M

Al Said is one of those yachts in our list of top 10 most expensive yachts around the world, which is completely surround by a mystery. It is named after Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Al Said, who also owns this magnificent beauty. It was built by Lurssen Werft in Germany and Interior was designed by Espen Oeino, between 2007-2008. It is 508 ft long and can rule the sea at an astonishing speed of 25 knots. Infrastructure mainly in includes steel haul and aluminum. It can house as much as 70 guests and 154 crew members at a time.

8. Radiant $320M

The magnificent speedster was built by Lurssen in 2009. This yacht is holding a dark past and a long story of deals being made and broken. In short, the yacht was first given the name “Darius” which was later changed because during the construction in 2008 Abdullah Al Futtaim, who currently owns it, bought it from Boris Berezovsky. Due to legal proceedings on a case about this beauty it was disclosed to public how much Lurssen charges for making a magnificent luxury yacht. 360 ft long with aluminum and steel used for main infrastructure, Radiant can house up to 20 guests and 44 crew members. It can attain a cruise speed of 21 knots but yet the most amusing thing is it’s 96000 gallons fuel capacity, so you can enjoy your whole summers in water.

Radiant comes with multiple pools, gymnasium, spa, theater, jacuzzi and much more. Yet the most exiting thing is it is also equipped with a very powerful water cannon to fight pirates.

7. Dubai $400M

Having multiple swimming pools, sunbath areas, social areas, helipad, split-level deck, with an interior designed and decorated with hand made tiles. This beauty has its own level of class and breathtaking looks. Designed as a joint project between Blohm+Voss & Lürssen. The boat was finally launched in 2006.

One of the best designs in the interior includes a glass stairway that are lit by the color of deck from above. It has a beam length of 531 ft. It is owned by Dubai’s Prime minister and Vice President Mohammad Rashid al-Makhtoum. It has a top cruising speed of around 25 knots. It can accommodate a total of 115 people.

6. Motor Yacht A $440M

This might be one of the most unique entry in our list of top 10 yachts around the world. Russian billionaire and his wife, Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko own this splendid yacht. It is 390 ft long and built by Blohm+Voss shipyard. It was finally launched in 2008. The unique feature about this yacht is the uniqueness in its design, which resembles a submarine. The interiors are filled with mirrors and yet another astounding aspect is it’s moving walls which are not seen in its competitor luxury yachts. It also houses helicopter hanger, 30 ft speed boat, swimming pools. One of the swimming pools has a unique quality as it has glass bottom at it is right above the disco. The king size bedroom of this yacht cover 25000 sq. ft. It can house 14 guests and 43 crew members.

5. Topaz $527M

Why to have one helipad on your super luxurious boat, when you can have two. This entry in our list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world is world is no doubt a majestic beast of the sea. The yacht was built by Lurssen Yachts in 2012. Tim Haywood Designed it’s exterior while the interior was designed by Terrance Disdale. This splendid yacht is owned by filthy rich tycoon of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.  Along with double helipad, the yacht also features large jacuzzi, a mega swimming room, state-of-the-art gymnasium, conference room and dazzling cinema. It is the perfect combination of beauty and the beast, as it houses a 7990HP engine, equipped with two diesel generators that can attain a top speed of 25.5knots.

4. Azzam $600M

Another entry on our list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world is build by none other than Lusrssen Yachts. Launched in 2013, Azzam is owned by one of the most powerful people in Arabian desert, President of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan. With a total length of 590ft this beast also holds the record for largest yacht made up to date. This glamorous beast has its very own defense system two which includes a missile defense system, a bullet proof master suite. Christophe Leooni, the Frenchman who decorated its interior described it as “sophisticated and luxurious in a turn of the century Empire style”.

This beast can reach up to the speed of 30knots which also makes it the fastest yachts in the world. Currently it holds the record of the largest yacht for more than 6 years, but with billionaires around the world trying to own the biggest yacht in world, it is yet to be seen how long Azzam can keep it.

3. Street of Monaco $1B

You know the things are getting serious when you enter top 3. Here It’s absolutely true as our last 3 entries on this list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world are exclusively billion dollars club. They cost more than a BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, that’s right. That’s more than entire budget of many countries.
This one yacht on our list is not yet in water but it is under construction. Due to the fame that surrounds it even during its construction, this beast earned a place our list.
As name suggests this yacht will have miniature representation of many famous landmarks of Monaco and Monte Carlos. It also plans to have its owns submarine, multiple swimming pools and above all, a miniature waterfall.

2. Eclipse $1.5B

Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich owns this absolute beauty. This entry on our list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world in second most expensive as well as the second largest yacht in world. It was the largest yacht in the world but 2013 Azzam beats the record which got the 4th spot on our most expensive list. This yacht houses two helipads, swimming pools, 24 guest bedrooms, disco halls and a mini sub marine of its own. This yacht gives the perfect look of a super sophisticated yacht from a Hollywood movie that includes its very own intruder alert system, missile defense system and bulletproof glasswork. Another unique quality is its anti-paparazzi shield which consists of lasers. If someone tries to photograph it, strong light is directly thrown on camera’s lens.

1. History Supreme $4.5B

Things were under control when we had yachts made of steel and aluminum. But when precious metals come in play, you get a super yacht that worth’s 4.5B $. It was designed by the well-known UK based luxury designer Stuart Hughes and Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok is rumored to own it. This is only 100 ft long but due to the abundant use of gold and platinum, this yacht earned the top spot in our list of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world. It has as much as 100,000 kgs of these precious metals used in its making. Starting from the base which is made of solid gold layer, the railing and even toilets are decorated with gold made artifacts. If that’s not enough the master bedroom features an entire wall made of meteorite, a statue made of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones, a 68kg 24 carat gold aquarium. In its bar it features a champagne bottle with a diamond head which alone is worth at 45M $.
All these and many other features make this the most expensive yacht ever built.

With this we conclude our list of most expensive yachts in the world. Stay tuned for our other top 10 list coming soon. What would you buy if you had a chance? comment down bellow. As always guys sharing is caring.  Don’t Forget to check out our other lists of World’s most expensive.


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