Cryptocurrency is the form of payment used to buy services or products. The record for the ownership of cryptocurrency remains stored in a ledger. A ledger is a file or database containing all the records of transactions, credit, and debit. For this type of trading, you can take the help of cryptography to make your transaction secure. The most common type of cryptocurrency is bitcoin that is regulated by decentralized control. The decentralized control does not work like a banking system, and the currency does not have a physical form.

Cryptocurrency meaning

Cryptocurrency or sometimes known as crypto is a digital currency (not available in physical form). This digital asset is a medium of exchange for buying goods and services of a company. To make trading safe, there is a complete record of the person who owns this currency, in the form of a ledger. For instance, you have often played the game that starts its functioning when you insert a token. You have to buy this token by investing physical money to play the game. The same is for cryptocurrency. You have to pay money for getting cryptocurrency. From such digital assets, you can purchase goods or services. Cryptocurrency works with the help of blockchain that is a block of a distributed ledger. The blockchain saves the record in the form of blocks, and all the data is well secured and can not be modified. All this function is done by using the technique of cryptography.


History of cryptocurrency

It is a big question, from where cryptocurrency comes or how the idea of cryptocurrency arrives? David Chaum, an American cryptographer, founded Digicash as a way of electronic payment. He designed this device in a way that the system designates some encryption, so the payment issuing bank can not trace the remittance. Later taking this concept, another American cryptographer Nick Szabo introduced an electronic currency called bit gold similar to bitcoin. Many years later, a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin, using Black chain technology, and added a hash function in this technology to make it difficult and more secure.

In what way does cryptocurrency work?

Just like standard cash, cryptocurrency is the medium of exchange. It runs between sender and receiver. You have to go through the verification step before making a transaction. These all are done through a decentralized monitoring system. To make this system secure and to verify all transactions, every cryptocurrency coin has a limited supply.

What is mining?

Mining cryptocurrency is a step performed to verify the transaction between two parties. Minner (individuals who perform mining) add the detail of credit, debit, and transaction in the public ledger in the form of a block using hash code. All types of cryptocurrency do not work in the algorithm of mining. In bitcoin and other cryptos that work on the same principle, mining is the important step of transferring crypto money.

cryptocurrency examples

What are the types and examples of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has two forms: tokens and coins. These coins fall into two different categories: Bitcoin and Altcoin. Cryptocurrency coins other than bitcoin are called Altcoin or alternative cryptocurrency coins. The fundamentals of other coins are similar to bitcoin, but some works better than others. There is more than 3000 digital currency some examples of cryptocurrency are:


Bitcoin is the first-ever digital currency. After its success, many other digitals assets were introduced in the crypto market. The supply limit of bitcoin is 21 million, while currently, 18.5 million dollars is circulating between its owners.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is different software that falls in the category of Altcoin. Its block size is larger than bitcoin, and so transaction verification does not take much time.


It is used to exchange large amounts of money that’s why its use is common among companies. It does not work on the frame of blockchain and its transaction time is 3 to 5 seconds. It lies in the category of a token.


Steller is an open network used to trade and send money in different forms like bitcoin or dollars. It also works on the technology of blockchain.

Some Other Types of Cryptocurrency

  • Peercoin
  • Chainlink
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Auroracoin
  • Polkadot
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Namecoin
cryptocurrency mining

How do you exchange bitcoin (cryptocurrency)?

Here are the easy steps for cryptocurrency exchange between you and the digital currency holder. It is necessary to know what is meant by wallet? and what is the address in cryptocurrency exchange systems? Every bitcoin owner has some address in the form of letters and numbers, and with these addresses, there is a different balance of bitcoin. Through the wallet, you can assess these addresses.

Steps of bitcoin exchange

  • The sender will create an address for the receiver.
  • The Bitcoin purchaser will send the purchase amount to the sender’s address.
  • The senders have to sign the transaction request and provide the private key of the address from where they want to transact or want to send bitcoin to the buyer.
  • Now using a public key, you can check whether the person sending the transaction request is authorized or not.
  • After a long process of verification, the purchaser will receive the required bitcoin.

What is the worth of cryptocurrency?

The price of cryptocurrency does not remain static. Its value depends on supply and demand. The higher the demand, the more will be the price. Here is the list of recent price of some cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin recent price is $35,706.00
  • Ripple (XRP) price in 2021 is $0.30
  • Bitcoin Cash current worth is $506.62
  • Steller recent price is $0.30

Tips to make secure trading of cryptocurrency

It is a common thought that bitcoin investment might be risky because its wallet is more prone to hacking. Although the whole system of blockchain is secure but to ensure the safest cryptocurrency trading, you can follow these tips:

  • Chances of loss in any business decrease if you have a strong knowledge of the product. So, before investing money in cryptocurrency, do complete research. The best way of research is to talk with its owner and dig some information on your own.
  • Do not invest your money in a single type of crypto coin. Purchase diversified coins, so if the worth of one drops down, you will have another worthy digital currency.
  • Cryptocurrency is a dynamic market, so be prepared for crest and troughs. If your pocket is not allowing any failure, do not invest in this business. But if you take smart steps, the chances of success are too high.
  • Cryptocurrency has no physical form, and it is also stored in the form of files or wallets, so choose the wallet that is more secure and gives additional benefits.


Crypto is digital money used for trading that works through cryptography. This technique is highly secured and uses a hash function for adding blocks that contain information about transactions. To save this currency, a file called wallet is available. You can draw cryptocurrency from the wallet by using the address. This currency is available in almost 3000 forms in which the most common and worthy coin is bitcoin with the recent price of $35,706.00. There is a process of verification that has to be followed to make transactions secure. The speed of authentication depends on the type of cryptocurrency and the size of the block.

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