Are you in the dilemma of whether it is right to wed in the Corona pandemic? But you want to enjoy the most awaited phase of your life sooner and do not want to postpone it.
How is it possible to arrange the grand event in these restricted years?
In such a situation, the micro wedding will be the best choice for you. You can enjoy your event with limited guests and at low expenses.
The concept of micro wedding is as old as a traditional wedding, but in recent years, its trend is increasing due to COVID. You can easily follow all the SOPs and maintain social distancing in this small gathering.
Here is how you can celebrate a dream event and make it memorable by fulfilling all your wish:

What is a Micro wedding?

A micro wedding is also known as a small wedding or an intimate wedding. As the name suggests, it is a marriage ceremony with a short guest list. It includes the guest list of fewer or a little more than 20 guests.

The invitees are mostly your family members and intimate friends, but it is different from minimony and elopement wedding. You can follow all your traditions, and the small guest gives you relaxed vibes.

micro wedding

How to arrange a micro wedding?

As you are going to arrange a grand event on a small scale and you want everything to be perfect. So, here are some guidelines that you have to follow when you are planning a micro wedding:

Create guest list sensibly:

Guestlist creation might be the most challenging task in a micro wedding. You have to remove many individuals from the invitees list and select the closest one.

These are few tips for making a guest list:

  • Invite only those for whom both of you (you and your partner) are agreed.
  • Only invite your closest family member and dearest friend. Calling out distant relatives makes your list long, and the event will no more be micro.

This is how you can enjoy your wedding with whom you love the most.

Menu selection

Food is the main cost consuming thing of any traditional wedding, and it is very stressful to manage, but it is not the case in Micro weddings.

You can easily provide incredible food on a low budget to your guests. Select your favorite restaurant to order food, or if you are good at cooking, then it is good to provide self-service of catering. Tell your creative idea to the wedding cake baker, or another best idea for 20 people is cupcakes.

Utilize someone services for arrangement

Small events need to be perfect and should look more creative. To give your guest quality time, you should have to take help from wedding planners.

They can make your event mesmerizing, and you will remain free from stress because the planners will be there to look for every detail.

Select the micro wedding packages that suit your budget.

Micro wedding venues

Choosing an intimate wedding venue is so easy you do not need a large space for accommodating guests. You can select your favorite spots near you, like a beach, restaurant, or sunset cruise. The venue can also be your private dining room. It saves you from paying tax.

You can also select micro wedding venue from this list

  • A Colorful Flower Field.
  • A Nightclub
  • Your Family Home or a farmhouse.
  • A Museum
  • Sailboat, Riverboat, or Ferry
  • Your Favorite Restaurant
  • A Cute Wine Bar
  • An Art Gallery.
micro wedding venues

Arrange a Micro wedding but do not ruin your wish

A small wedding does not mean you have to remain simple. It is your magical day, so you can make it unforgettable by applying unique ideas like gaming or opt for small venues like cafes that are impossible to do in a custom wedding.

Here are some micro wedding ideas about dresses and photography.

Dress up

It is the most special day of your life so wear something unique. No matter if the size of the wedding is big or small, you can wear a dress of $11,000 or $500 it up to you.

If you are comfortable in a big ole gown (the perfect wedding dress) with your partner in a tuxedo, go with it. Otherwise, you have many options like a jumpsuit or backyard wedding dress, and both of you can wear cocktail attire.

Hire photographer

Photography is a mandatory requirement for any marriage ceremony to preserve your memory for a long time.

You can ask a photographer to create a custom micro wedding package according to a short guest list.

Pros that Micro wedding offers

The advantages of a small wedding are countless, and the enjoyment it offers is limitless. It saves you from evil eyes and cuts down your budget. You feel comfortable with your loved ones.

In the year of the Covid outbreak, micro weddings save you from the risk of covid attack.


According to a micro wedding bride, her traditional wedding cost was $30,000, but due to a pandemic situation, her small wedding cost reduced up to $3,800. This cost includes the expenses for a marriage license, officiant, bouquet, bride and groom dress, venue, and wedding cake.

Serving 20 people compared to 100 or more significantly reduces micro wedding costs. By saving money from here you can throw a grand reception. You can also increase the price per head budget to make your wedding more lavish.

Give your guest quality time:

Micro weddings allow you to interact with your guest and give them individual attention. In a traditional wedding, it’s very strenuous to welcome hundreds of invitees and say goodbye.

In contrast, the small event renders your time for quality conversation with your friends and family.

Keep you away from the stress of a huge event :

On this big day, many couples feel anxiety, especially the dread of taking everyone’s eye on you makes you nervous. The pressure to manage the big event makes the wedding couple stressed.

In Micro weddings, there is no such tensity. You feel more comfortable with your closest people.

Micro wedding Vs minimony

The word minimony comes from a mini ceremony. The minimony includes the involvement of your loved ones (10 people) in the moment of commitment. The minimony is followed by a sequel wedding (big celebration) in which the couple has multiple ceremonies.

Minimony is also an official (legal) wedding like a micro wedding because it also includes the officiant. It is another perfect compromise for the current situation. Instead of postponing your event, you can opt for this option.


2020 brings drastic changes in our lives, and many events get halted due to the COVID pandemic. Around 84% of weddings postpone due to lockdown in such a situation micro wedding is the righteous choice for every couple.

Apart from the current situation, a micro wedding and reception ceremony with 20 invitees on the guest list is very pocket friendly. You can provide them quality time and save yourselves from the stress of managing a huge crowd.

Micro wedding is small in the sense of a guest, but the celebration is grand. You can follow all the traditions and wear what you want, like a trendy wedding dress or anything in which you feel comfortable.

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